Natosha Brooks
Shayla Hilton

Na'tosha Brooks

Na’tosha Brooks is a mother, daughter, sister, educator, speaker and actress.  She is passionate about edifying others whether in a classroom, church or street corner. It is her desire to see people freed from all forms of oppression, so that they may lead flourishing lives. She enjoys serving others in excellence while exhibiting the love of Christ, so that they feel appreciated. She spends time watching sports & movies, listening to music, reading and fellowshipping with friends. Na’tosha currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her beautiful children, Hailey and Connor.


To reach Na’tosha, email natosha@thebirthingmovement.com

Shayla Hilton

Shayla Hilton is the author of Chasing Contentment and creator of Haven of Hope—a blog written to spread hope, help, and healing to the hurting soul through the love of Jesus Christ.  Shayla is passionate about encouraging, empowering, and equipping others.  It is her desire to see people deepen their relationship with God, and then be everything that He created them to be.  She enjoys shopping, listening to music, and watching movies.  Shayla currently lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.  To learn more, visit https://www.shaylahilton.com/

To reach Shayla, email



Mission: To assist women pregnant with purpose, on how to push through the pain of birthing out the promises of God.

It will be like a woman suffering the pains of labor.  When her child is born, her anguish gives way to joy because she has brought a new baby into the world. John 16:21 NLT


If you are a woman who is ready to receive a long awaited promise from God or you are ready to be accelerated to your next level in life and you need the blueprint and support system to make it happen, then this movement is for you! Co-Founders Na’tosha Brooks and Shayla Hilton would love to support you on the journey as you plan, push, and produce purpose.


By joining this movement, you will learn how to:


  • Connect and network with other goal-oriented women

  • Identify your calling and receive valuable tactics on how to live it out effectively

  • Discuss strategies for overcoming challenges faced by women in a safe and open forum

  • Develop your Birthing Model Canvas for personal and professional growth

  • Celebrate your sustainable successes

The Birthing Movement Team is devoted to helping YOU plan, push, and then produce purpose!


Website Design

We would love to help you connect with your community and engage new people worldwide through the creation of your very own website.

Administrative & Event Planning

We would love to help you execute your next event and/or plan out your next business or ministry venture.



Lisa Hunter

Founder of R3, LLC

I’ve had the pleasure of working and connecting with The Birthing Movement, and it has been wonderful. They provided superior service when building my website and the turnaround time was quick. If you give her your vision, she’ll create a masterpiece. I highly recommend connecting and getting on board with this movement!


Carol Craven

Founder of Southern Comfort by Carol

This organization is a phenomenal movement that I highly recommend. They are encouraging, amazing women who believe in the power of God, of proper positioning and purpose. If you desire to have your goals pushed and delivered, this is the place to be!


Ravin Gore-Overby

Author of Secrets, Strategies and Superpowers of a Successful Woman

If you are ready to start or complete a project please don’t do it alone...THE BIRTHING MOVEMENT Is an excellent resource!

Planning, Pushing, & Producing Purpose!

The Birthing Movement
The Birthing Movement